Photo: Switzerland Qualifier at La Neuveville in 2022

Situated on the shores of Lake Biel, La Neuveville has preserved its urban structure, dating back to medieval times. Towers, adjoining houses, alleys and fountains mark the small town, whose primary income at the time was from vineyards, watchmaking and private educational institutions. Today, La Neuveville is a city of culture and gastronomy, linked to the fame of its wines and the starting point of many excursions.

Located a stone’s throw from the lake, the 900m2 Velosolutions Pump Track was inaugurated in 2021. Equipped with two identical routes, a green line on the vineyard side and blue on the lakeside, its playful mirror design made for some great racing this weekend.

Photos and Words Dan Griffiths

Multicoloured houses populate the main street, and an open stream runs through the centre. To wander through the narrow paved streets of the old town is a pleasure – just try not to fall in.
Grape vines hang from the old buildings, reminding us of the town’s past.
Talk of this weekend’s race was prominent throughout the town.
It seemed like every man, and his dog would make their way trackside on Saturday to witness the action unfold.
Many riders arrived on Friday afternoon for some last-minute practice before Saturday’s final and an obligatory rip around town.
Remember the stream from earlier? It didn’t take Tristan Borel very long to find it.
Amongst the competitors this weekend was Anaia Istill, a 2x world finalist and teammate of last year’s World Champion, Eddy Clerte.
There were plenty more familiar faces on the entry list this weekend, including last year’s world champion, Aiko Gommers.
Minus a couple of rain showers, the weekend was HOT… as such, the ice cream stop was non-negotiable.
Also racing this weekend was Michael Bias – he’s French-based, with Irish ties, but he’s come all the way from New Zealand to race BMX in Europe.
After a busy afternoon hopping over streams, somebody decided Tristan Borel needed something a little more than ice cream to cool down.
Meanwhile, everybody else opted for a dip in Lake Biel.
The following night saw heavy rain that continued right into the morning.
The morning sun baked down on the asphalt, and with the helping hands of the organisation crew on puddle duty, the track was soon ready to ride.
A lot goes into time keeping at an event like this, no-less a UCI event. German-based, South African Syd from Moto Sheets keeps track of timing with this beefy set-up.
Race registration involves timing chip handover – an integral part of the timing system – losing one of these will cost you 85 euros.
The day starts with a three-hour open practice session, allowing the riders to get to grips with the course.
Frenchman Thibault Dupont was one of many putting down morning practice laps – there’ll be more on him later.
Last year’s second-place world finalist, Phillip Schaub, was here on Saturday, putting it all on the line for a golden ticket to the Chile finals in November.
La Neuveville brought an enthusiastic crowd, and autographs were in high demand – Christa von Niederhäusern had her work cut out.
The pump track is fast and fun but can also be an unforgiving beast.
No joke – after a huge slam on one of the turns, this guy ended up going to hospital with headaches persisting – a telltale sign of concussion.
Last year’s champ, Aiko Gommers, came all the way from the Netherlands to race in Saturday’s qualifier.
A win at one of the qualifying rounds guarantees you an all-expenses paid trip to the World Finals – Anaia Istill is one man with a good shot at that.
The curves of the Velosolutions course were looking very inviting over the weekend.
Another shower after practice left the course damp ahead of finals – fortunately, under the baking Swiss sun, this was short lived.
Riders have some time to relax in the riders area over lunch before getting back into the action – Eloïse Donzallaz caught up with good friend Robyn Gommers – a twin of Aiko.
A win at one of the qualifying rounds guarantees you an all-expenses paid trip to the World Finals.
Riders are handed their new plates and it was Tristan Borel going into finals with the #1.
Aiko took the #1 plate into finals for the women.
Saturday also saw the Swiss champs take place – the award ceremony took place just before lunch with Tristan Borel and Christa von Niederhäusern taking the red and white sleeves.
Fans from all ages filled the stands to watch the riders battle it out in finals.
A few moments later it was all underway.
Most riders can be seen taking a moment to focus and visualise the corse in their heads before dropping in for their race runs.
Michael Bias went out in the round of 16, but he battled it out right up until the end.
Once the elimination rounds move quickly – 32, 16, 8, 4 – and before you know it, you’re in the final rounds.
Aiko Gommers was knocked out in the semi-finals by Christa von Niederhäsern and would go on to battle it out with her sister in the small final.
Anticipation was high for this sister vs sister show down.
The times were in for the Gommers twins – and they were close – but is it Gommers or… Gommers?!
Aiko reigned in the small final, beating her sister by just 0.002 of a second – a gap so small you can’t even begin to comprehend it.
In the big final we saw Christa von Niederhäsern.
The new Swiss champ was hungry for a shot that Chile finals ticket.
In the end, Léa Brindjonc was victorius, taking the win by…
In the men’s small final Anaia Istill would go up against (who?)
The times were in… who would take it?
Inaia Istill

Tristan Borel at the Red Bull UCI Pump Track World Championships in La Neuveville, Switzerland.
And the winner is… Thibault Dupont!
Thibault had already taken the win in (where) and sealed his ticket for Chile and so it was handed to Tristan – it’ll be great to see them fight for the title in a couple of months time.
Your women’s top 3 – Aiko Gommers, Christa von Niederhäusern, and Léa Brindjonc.
Your men’s top 3 – Anaia Istil, Tristan Borel and Thibault Dupont.
The aftermath.
It would be foolish not to wrap up the day with a dip in the lake.
One more for the sake of elegance.
Or two more if Tristan had anything to say about it – clearly seeking vengence for his dunk in the village yesterday. yesterday.
Until next time!