Christa von Niederhäusern secures victory once more; Alec Bob triumphs for the USA in 2023

Celebrations for Christa and Alec in 2023

The Velosolutions UCI Pump Track World Championships at AREA47 in Austria culminated in an intense showdown on Saturday evening, with Christa von Niederhäusern (SUI) seizing her third World Championship title in astounding form in the Elite Women’s category. Alec Bob USA) claimed victory over newcomer Mattia Costerman (ITA) in the Elite Men’s category, further cementing his pump track legacy after securing second place on the podium in Santiago, Chile last year.

Christa von Niederhäusern on track

In her final lap, Christa set her fastest run of the day, completing it in a lightning fast 13.445 seconds. Sabina Košárková (CZE) secured second place on the podium, with Alina Beck (GER) finishing in third.

Alec Bob of the United States of America celebrates

Alec Bob fought hard for the gold medal this evening, with only half a second separating the top 16 riders throughout the day, intensifying the race for qualification in the knockout rounds. Mattias Costerman (ITA) secured the second spot on the podium, while 2021 World Champion Eddy Clerte (FRA), made a strong comeback after his big crash in Chile in 2022, claimed the bronze medal.



  2. Sabina KOŠÁRKOVÁ
  3. Alina BECK
  4. Aiko GOMMERS


  1. Alec BOB
  2. Mattia COSTERMAN
  3. Eddy CLERTÉ
  4. Tristan BOREL

All photos by Joerg Mitter